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Blair Consular Services

Established in 1967, is Europe’s oldest and largest consular agent, operating from offices across the U.K, U.S and the Netherlands. In addition to our office locations, we provide a number of in-house operations, and work with a number of partner Chambers of Commerce and Agents across the globe, to provide an international service to exporters and freight forwarders who require a fast, simple solution to their export documents.


Certification and legalisation service

Our service was initially introduced to provide an effective certification and legalisation service for commercial shipping documents for Air Freight agents at London’s Heathrow airport. Now employing over 65 members of staff and operating a fleet of 15 courier vehicles in the U.K, the company is the market leader in providing specialist export services to customers worldwide.

QuickCert export documentation platform

Quickcert is our flagship export document platform, operating in the U.K, U.S and Ireland, with additional countries currently being implemented. Our multinational approach gives exporters and freight forwarders the ability to streamline their export document requirements across multiple branches, as well as providing smaller regional offices with a fast, simple way of processing their export documentation.

In addition to facilitating Chamber of Commerce certification, we are able to arrange additional authentication steps where required, including:

  • Notarisation
  • Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office Apostille
  • Embassy Legalisation
  • Translations

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