Online Documentation - Quickcert explained

Quickcert was introduced in 2004 to provide a cost-effective online certification solution for exporters, in an environment which at that time was predominantly driven by manual documentation and stamps.

By allowing our customers to prepare and print their own certified export documents, the time and cost savings were soon acknowledged, and this service has now become an invaluable tool for any exporter or freight forwarder, and the benchmark by which other inferior systems are measured.

The service can be accessed securely from your desktop PC, laptop, tablet or mobile device, and completed, fully certified documents can be printed off at the comfort of your desk, or by any duly authorised third party user.

There’s no need to decide which Chamber of Commerce to use, or to register with – we have a long-established system in place to ensure your documents are processed through the same, secure system every time. Our system is truly a ‘One-stop shop’ – your E.C documents are certified by the London Chamber of Commerce in London, and where necessary documents can be printed off by Blair staff and processed through the foreign Embassies in London for legalisation, ensuring the most efficient service available anywhere.

We also provide a certification service for Arab documents, using the official A.B.C.C Certificate of Origin form; documents can be applied for online in the same way as an E.C Certificate, the difference being that the Arab Chamber stamp is applied online after the local, London Chamber stamp. 99% of Arab documents in the U.K are still stamped manually, irrespective of whether an online local Chamber stamp has been applied first, however ALL Arab documents processed through Blair/Quickcert are also stamped online by the Arab Chamber of Commerce, saving at least 24 hours.

We also offer online and in-person training sessions free of charge across the U.K and the whole of Europe – please contact us for further details.

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